Uncaptured profit and revenue in B2B

Zilliant’s first-of its-kind Global AI B2B Benchmark Report reveal where these hidden pockets of profitable revenue exist

Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis reveals staggering uncaptured profit and revenue in B2B manufacturing, distribution and services companies. On average, B2B industrial manufacturers, distributors and service companies are failing to capture between 9% and 42% in profit and revenue on an annual basis.

For a $1 billion company, that’s the equivalent of $90 to $420 million in uncaptured profitable revenue every year that could be attained – if only it could be identified.

In the past year, B2B industry is facing unprecedented challenges. New competitors, declining customer loyalty and margin erosion paired with the sheer complexity of many customers, products and sales reps, causes a significant amount of money to be left on the table. Unfortunately, traditional business intelligence and/or analytics can’t compute at the scale necessary to identify these hidden pockets of revenue and profit.

Over the past year, Zilliant has applied machine learning and AI-driven analysis to over 2.3 billion transactions. It reveals where these hidden pockets of profitable revenue exist.

There are four categories where companies are failing to maximize their full potential: Customer churn, cross-sell, pricing inconsistencies and misaligned market pricing.

1. Customer churn

The vast majority of companies fail to capture a range of 3.7% to 14.8% in hidden revenue as a result of declining product category purchases and outright competitor defection that could be captured if it were identified.

2. Cross-sell

Cross-sell is measured as missing or underpenetrated wallet share with a customer. This represents product categories that you sell and a customer needs, but for some reason the customer isn’t buying from you at the expected levels, and certainly not at the quantified spend potential.

3. Pricing Inconsistencies

Pricing inconsistencies are transactions that are in some way inconsistent, or have too wide a data variance, and don’t make sense in practical business circumstances. This includes prices that are misaligned to market, product, or customer realities.

4. Misaligned Market Pricing

This category includes: price quotes that are generically rounded and transacted below minimum margin thresholds, or when cost changes aren’t addressed quickly and accurately.

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