Our training approach

We believe training should start with a personal perspective as well as the formal requirements of the job. Awareness of your own behaviours and how they fit in the context of your work environment is key to achieving your optimum performance.

By understanding yourself you can make better decisions and lead others, more effectively.

Collaboration is at the core of ICETM thinking so we focus on training that is Personal and Collaborative. Coaching is an integral part of our approach.

As preparation for the training, we start with an HIJSA behavioral assessment to identify key personal characteristics and strengths.

During the training we connect the requirements of sales and marketing with finance and other supporting functions. This creates awareness of the knowledge and information dependencies within the business.

This is followed by a personal review of the analysis to determine the candidates learning and development goals. Using the HIJSA insight, we use a selection of case studies and collaborative activities to deliver on the learning expectations. We ensure that the knowledge and skills development is appropriate to participants and the context in which they operate.

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Training calendar 2018

United Kingdom Courses The Netherlands
February Sales Framework 1st & 2nd, Oxford 22nd & 23rd, Den Haag
March Sales Leadership 1st & 2nd, Oxford 22nd & 23rd, Den Haag
April Key Account Management 5th & 6th, Oxford 25th & 26th, Den Haag
May Sales Framework 3rd & 4th, Brentwood 24th & 25th, Amsterdam
June Sales Leadership 7th & 8th, Brentwood 28th & 29th, Amsterdam
July Key Account Management 5th & 6th, Brentwood 26th & 27th, Amsterdam
September Sales Framework 6th & 7th, Manchester 27th & 28th, Eindhoven
October Sales Leadership 4th & 5th, Manchester 25th & 26th, Eindhoven
November Key Account Management 8th & 9th, Manchester 29th & 30th, Eindhoven