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Tools and techniques

Sustainable sales & marketing performance improvement through integration of people and processes across supporting departments.


Learn about how ICE™ can help you achieve your commercial performance goals with our executive consultation.

Take our online readiness check to identify your key strengths and areas for improvement.

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Discover your strengths with our diagnostic and sales framework analysis.

We can identify and prioritise opportunities for improving your sales and marketing performance.

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ICE™ have designed a variety of cross functional workshops to support you in achieving your commercial excellence business goals. These include leadership alignment; customer needs based segmentation, value proposition and value stories design; sales process design, CRM process design, and change communication.

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To successfully implement your required process and organisational improvements, ICE™ offers an extensive support programme. Our highly
experienced consultants can coach and train individuals or teams as the implementation programme proceeds. We design our development
programmes to fit within the context of both your employees and their customers.
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ICE™ Library

The ICE™ Team have developed an online learning management tool designed to support field based people by providing knowledge and skills training accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

For only €15,95 pcm per user, you can have 12 months access to the general ICE™ Library information as well as content designed specifically for your business accessible via a fully client branded portal.

Our micro training modules are designed for busy travelling field based personnel and can be integrated into personal development plans or accessible as reminders of key processes and methodologies used within your business.

On-boarding new personnel is made easier using the ICE™ Library.

If required, a full performance monitoring system and dashboard can be added to your bespoke library of training materials.

ICE™ Executive Consultation

Integrated Commercial Excellence Executive Consultation

This is a quick and convenient way for you to learn about how ICE™ can help you achieve your commercial performance goals.

Commercial excellence is such a broad area of business activity, and these initial conversations help both parties narrow things down to the key issues.

We share our experiences and ideas relevant to the key issues, and we always learn something from these discussions.

Confidentiality is central to our approach and activities, and it is usually the case that any following discussions are covered by a two way non-disclosure agreement.

Just select a day and time that suits you using the online calendar, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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Integrated Commercial Excellence (ICETM)

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