ICE co-founder, Barry writes once again an insightful industry review for Australia’s National Collision Repairer Magazine and gives us an update on the latest mobility and technology trends from his home base in Europe.

Mobility, Technology and Safety are currently getting a lot of attention here in Europe. The European Union (EU) recently published its new ‘Sustainable Mobility for Europe’ initiative, with the focus to promote safe, connected and clean mobility solutions across the EU. Of course, the EU isn’t the only regulatory body looking at these issues and we have all seen reports on the various initiatives from around the world.

With this subject being top of mind in Europe due to the recent publication of the EU initiative and the theme of The National Collision Repairer Symposium 2018, I thought it would be an ideal subject to cover in this edition.

Living in The Netherlands, one of the top 10 most densely populated countries in the world, it is extremely important to manage mobility to meet the challenges we face and improve safety and traffic flow and reduce emissions. With a population of 17 million people in only 40,000 square kilometres, the issue of mobility is high on the agenda of central and local governments.

Read the full article on National Collision Repairer magazine August Edition.

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