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98% demand accuracy through integration of CRM sales pipeline

Due to the confidential nature of our client assignments, we are unable to publish client specific detail. We can however, arrange for ‘one to one’ discussions with our past and present clients if you require references. Please contact us if this is something you need.


  • Automotive aftermarket coatings
  • Multiple stakeholders and distribution channels

  • Long McKinsey list of what needs to be done


  • Commercial Excellence roadmap

  • CRM tool needs analysis


  • High CRM user adoption

  • Sales force efficiencies improved by 15% by ensuring data required to take decisions readily available to those that need it.


  • Leadership team agreement on a single goal and key drivers

  • One roadmap for commercial excellence improvement

  • Clear and coherent communication activities

  • CRM design aligned to how sales works in practice to succeed


  • Health Check survey to understand how departments interact with one another and to what extent data drives decision making

  • Face to face diagnostic interviews to better understand the way things work in practice

  • Leadership workshop to align, prioritise and plan change communications

  • Sales Framework workshop to identify how sales works in practice and areas for information transfer improvements
“The leadership workshop opened my eyes. For once we understood as a team how things work on practice and where our real key strengths are. Communication remains challenging, but we are committed to do it and start to see the effects in the pace of change.”
EMEA Managing Director


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