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20% increase in sales force effectiveness through process design & coaching.

Due to the confidential nature of our client assignments, we are unable to publish client specific detail. We can however, arrange for ‘one to one’ discussions with our past and present clients if you require references. Please contact us if this is something you need.


  • China

  • High market growth rates
  • High complexity due to growing car park and brand/model diversity
  • Increasing consolidation stakeholders
  • Fragmented processes


  • Sales pipeline management

  • Marketing alignment with sales needs
  • Future proof sales and marketing organisation


  • A simple and recognisable sales framework enabling sales and all supporting functions to anticipate one anothers’ information needs

  • 30% less time spent on data collection and ad-hoc reporting

  • 25% organisational efficiency improvement due to better focus and data driven decision making


  • Standardized planning and management of sales opportunities derived from existing ways of working

  • Centralised category management based marketing organization

  • Coaching and development planning for sales and marketing leaders


  • Client customer visits with sales personnel

  • Cross functional workshops identified how selling worked in practice

  • Sales framework design

  • Role play based sales training

  • Personality / role analysis

“ICE™ were excellent in quickly understanding the key challenges we faced and the way we actually worked. Their international and cultural experiences shone through and they were able to effectively transfer their experience and knowledge to my Chinese teams. They continue to support my organization through regular progress reviews and individual coaching of sales and marketing personnel as required.”



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