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Our international B2B clients are constantly looking for people with skills and experiences in the following areas for short and medium term programmes or project activities.

Sposea is the Digital Pricing Company, and is rapidly expanding it’s team of consultants.

If you are passionate about helping our B2B clients with sales & marketing organisational and processes improvements and you want to join our growing consultancy which operates in many business sectors, we would love to hear from you.

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Please send your CV to and we will contact you to arrange a confidential Skype introduction.

Current vacancies

B2B Pricing Manager

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Business analytics project manager

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Procurement project manager

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Principle or senior consultant

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We believe every organisation has the potential to be excellent when it comes to commercial performance.

It’s our mission to enable organisations to reap the maximum benefits from their own strengths by uniting departments around one shared truth, and integrating their processes to deliver sustainable improvements.

We identify what works best in an organisation and use this to develop practical approaches to deliver commercial excellence.

We help our clients achieve more by …

  • Identifying organisational and process strengths, which can be utilized across functions to improve Commercial Excellence.
  • Transferring our knowledge and skills, and educating people as we go. This delivers a sustainable improvement, high levels of employee engagement and teamwork.

We identify how things really work in our clients’ business and build improvements based upon organisational and process strengths as well as tackling the burning issues. We align leadership behind a common operational goal and help manage the change. Not high level organisational transitional change, but the changes to how people need to work in order to achieve the operational goal or desired outcome.

In our view, integration should be the real goal and is the key to sustainable Commercial Excellence improvements.

A customer’s buying journey crosses many functions as it moves from order to cash, yet businesses are organised around functional expertise.

This is where we are different. We consider the whole customer journey.

We …..

  • immerse ourselves in our clients industry and their business.
  • advise and support implementation
  • quickly understand how they work and we make that work for them
  • combine analytical thinking and intuitive understanding
  • balance tools and techniques with sensitivity to people and their way of doing things
  • work with them – not for them
  • challenge their views and encourage their ownership of the change process
  • make their people shine more than ours
  • Integrate to Excellence