You may have heard that we recently acquired ICE B.V. If not, you can click here to read the press release. This acquisition allows SPOSEA to provide a unique combination of pricing expertise and digital innovation to support pricing strategy development and commercial execution. Our BrightPrice tools enable SAP users to take control and move towards fully or semi automated price guidance. We see so many projects run a ground because they lack the necessary quality people on a day [...]

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SPOSEA acquires ICE, expanding it’s SAP pricing capability beyond design and tooling.

SPOSEA Holding B.V. (SPOSEA), a leading provider of SAP digital pricing software, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Integrated Commercial Excellence B.V. (ICE™) an international sales, marketing and pricing management consultancy. Walter Wijnands, CEO of SPOSEA: “The acquisition will allow SPOSEA to provide clients with end to end support for the total digital commercial excellence journey. Whether clients need help developing pricing strategy, implementing pricing tooling, optimizing processes or transforming ways of working across commercial, operational and financial functions, [...]

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Collision Repair Industry in the United Kingdom

What's happening and how we compare. Our co-founder, Barry Edney, writes an insightful overview of the collision repair industry in the United Kingdom, on behalf of Australia’s National Collision Repairer Magazine. Comparing the UK, Australian and New Zealand markets, he discovers there are more similarities than many of us may have expected. Following the review of the German collision repair industry, in October last year, we recently turned the attention to the UK and was struck by the similarities with [...]

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Join Niek Visarius to Support People with Multiple Sclerosis

With Heart and Wheel, we are going to help raise Euro 12,000. Niek Visarius, ICE™ Lead Consultant Operational Excellence, is going on climbing the famous Mount Ventoux in France to raise some money to support people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and also to sponsor a research project. We would like to invite you to support Niek and his group by donating some money, so that they exceed their target of Euro 12,000 to help people with MS. On 10th June [...]

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Uncaptured profit and revenue in B2B

Zilliant’s first-of its-kind Global AI B2B Benchmark Report reveal where these hidden pockets of profitable revenue exist Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis reveals staggering uncaptured profit and revenue in B2B manufacturing, distribution and services companies. On average, B2B industrial manufacturers, distributors and service companies are failing to capture between 9% and 42% in profit and revenue on an annual basis. For a $1 billion company, that’s the equivalent of $90 to $420 million in uncaptured profitable revenue every year that could [...]

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ICE Webinar Series: Using AI or Machine Learning to Plan Price Increase due to Cost of Goods Inflation

How often have we tried to recover a dramatic raw material cost increase by simply applying an average increase across products and customers? With an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution you can better target the increase per product and customer and also run scenarios before going live. The ICE™ consultants will share their experiences of dealing with the challenges of passing on cost increases on, and how AI / Machine Learning can be applied to provide a more effective and reproducible [...]

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ICE Webinar Series: Using AI or Machine Learning to Balance Supply and Demand

Sometimes we want to recover cash from our inventories and other times we want to deal with shortages. An effective pricing strategy can help. A one off spreadsheet analysis can provide a plan, but implementing is something quite different. An Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning solution cannot only help you more effectively use pricing to achieve your business goal, but can also help you stay on track and test sensitivities and likely outcomes before going live. You can now view the [...]

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ICE Webinar Series: Using AI or Machine Learning – Price for Revenue or Profit or Both?

We all know that pricing can be used to affect buying behaviour. Sometimes we want to optimise revenue and sometimes profitability. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be utilised to help identify the respective sweet spots and continue tracking them over time. This puts you in constant control. Using AI or Machine Learning - Price for Revenue, or Profit or Both? You can now view the video of the Webinar on our YouTube channel This was the first [...]

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ICE Webinar Series 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Your Business There is a lot to share on the subject of using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to optimise pricing and profitability. The ICE™ partners are holding a number of online information sessions, and you are invited to join. Each of the information sessions will focus on a specific commercial challenge, explaining how the application of AI can help, with some demonstration provided. These are the schedules of our Webinar Series: 1. [...]

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What is Commercial Excellence?

Find out the answer on our White Paper. Summary: We talk about Commercial Excellence with people almost every day. We share experiences and discuss practical ways to make progress within businesses of different sizes, operating in different markets and industries. We get asked a lot, “what is Commercial Excellence?” to which usually we usually reply, “What do you want it to be?” This response depends very much upon the mood of the meeting, but it always invokes a lively dialogue! [...]

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