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The ICE™ offering

What we do & how we do it

Sales framework design
Value proposition development
CRM implementation
Pricing optimisation

ICE™ is an independent consultancy practice focused on improving Sales & Marketing performance in B2B businesses.

We take commercial excellence development and implementation beyond a simple functional focus.

We believe every organisation has the potential to be excellent when it comes to commercial performance.

Our Vision


Improve your sales and marketing performance

By developing cross-functional integration between sales, marketing, and the key supporting areas, islands of excellence are avoided and true collaboration, and business success, begins.

See How We Do It

Client feedback

“They not only came up with innovative and creative approaches to create sustainable revenue and margin improvements, but they also never hesitated to roll up their sleeves to get the job done. We were impressed with their refreshing blend of sales and marketing acumen combined with real-world experience the ICE™ team brought to our organization. They certainly did go beyond traditional consultancy (as they claim) and were able to develop our skills through their own expertise and experiences.”

Global Commercial Excellence Director, Chemicals



20% increase in sales force effectiveness through process design & coaching.

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ICE client experience, case study, chemical industry


10% share of wallet improvement through value propositions based on unconsidered needs.

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98% demand accuracy through integration of CRM sales pipeline.

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ICETM Executive Consultation

Integrated Commercial Excellence Executive Consultation

This is a quick and convenient way for you to learn about how ICE™ can help you achieve your commercial performance goals.

Commercial excellence is such a broad area of business activity, and these initial conversations help both parties narrow things down to the key issues.

We share our experiences and ideas relevant to the key issues, and we always learn something from these discussions.

Confidentiality is central to our approach and activities, and it is usually the case that any following discussions are covered by a two way non-disclosure agreement.

Just select a day and time that suits you using the online calendar, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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Whether you are considering a targeted improvement, or an Integrated Commercial Excellence journey, our approach is to first meet with the business leaders to understand the current strengths and ambitions, establish the appetite for change and agree the deliverables.

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